About Us

After purchasing my Jeep in 2012 I quickly discovered the need for a central location to learn about what other Jeep owners have done to modify their Jeeps. The slogan “Built, Not Bought” and “The Jeep Build Continues” are words we love to hear and share with our visitors.

Jeep lovers know, the more you put into your Jeep, the more you get out of it. That’s why we’ve been mod’ing our Jeeps since we first got’em. And we’re never quite finished.

Heck, why stop? We’ve spent a lot of time, burned more cash than we care to admit, all so we can rock our sweet new mods on our next off-road adventure, our next Wrangler meetup, our next Facebook post or Tweet.

But before all that, you gotta get down in the dirt with your two hands and you put that MOD together.

And for all that pride and effort we put into finding, buying and putting together our next MOD, the folks at JeepModReview are there for you, every step of the way.

Project JKU

Project JKU