The Auxbeam 3 inch Cube LEDs with mounting brackets was extremely well packed upon arrival.  Having installed similar cube lights in the past, there were times I could shake the box and hear the bracket, hardware and light bounce around.  The Auxbeam 3 inch cube LEDs, wiring and brackets came carefully packed with completely surrounded by foam.

After unpacking the Auxbeam 3″ Cube LEDs I reviewed the casing of the cube light and found it to be thicker and more durable than other cube LEDs on the market.  The wiring was heavy duty wiring with the wires striped already for easy install. The brackets that were sent were a huge bonus to getting the light bar installed and the adhesive foam bracket stencils protect the paint of the windshield columns extremely well.

Overall, the install was fairly easy with a little trickiness on aligning the brackets to the screw holes.  The included wiring harness made it easy to connect and use within an hour from start to finish.  For the price of the 3″ cubes, dual stacked bracket and wiring the Auxbeam 3 inch cube LEDs is a great solution for your lighting needs.  For an additional look at the Aubeam 3″ cube LEDs you can watch our video review below for additional comments and thoughts!

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