As far as bumpers go, the DV8 Offroad FS-12 Hammer Forged Front Bumper is my 4th bumper in 4 years.  The search in my opinion for a bumper that speaks to quality and look makes a Jeep builders top 2 for must-haves when searching.  The FS-12 is an amazing combination of thought and steel.

The overall stance or look that it provides to the front of the Jeep is one thing, but the toughness it brings to the trails is off the charts.  The thickness of the steel provides the strength that every Jeeper expects and wants on those hardcore trails.  The FS-12 was inspired by the King of the Hammers racing where protection is a must and piece of mind is a certainty.

The install of the DV8 Offroad FS-12 Hammer Forged Front Bumper was easy, but would have been easier with 2 sets of hands.  Once we were able to remove our SuperWinch we quickly removed the existing bumper, which paved the way for our FS-12 debut.  Eight bolts, 2 Xprite fog lights and some Monster Hook Swivels later we were ready for primetime.

In terms of hurdles we had to overcome, we really don’t have anything that stands out.  Overall, this is a solid bumper, which has additional protection with the integrated skid plate, lower winch mount to provide protection and additional air flow and finally its mini stinger.