Investing into a bumper is probably one of the first thoughts of many Jeep owners.  With so many options in the marketplace it is easy to understand why frustration sets in when comparing the options.  I went through countless hours of shopping and comparing, but none of that was as good as touching and talking to those that have gone before me.

It turns out that once I looked at DV8 Offroad as an option, it has been extremely difficult for me to justify going anywhere else when considering a bumper and other Jeep necessities.  The DV8 Offroad RS-2 Rear Bumper w/ tire carrier is the latest example of our exploration and discussions. The need for a bumper that could support a larger tire AND be a tailgate swing was a MUST.  Having had a previous bumper with a stand-along swing carrier I was convinced that having one that opens the tailgate simultaneously was paramount.

The DV8 Offroad RS-2 Rear Bumper w/ tire carrier is a heavy, solid steel bumper and was extremely straightforward to install.  After removing the existing bumper and unboxed the RS-2 Rear Bumper it was important to lay out all the hardware and bumper parts to ensure you understand the install steps.  The main bumper component was easily installed, but the swing gate added a level of complexity.  When installing the swing gate it is important to have a second pair of hands to help you hold and align the swing gate for proper installation.  If you don’t, the install could be jeopardized and end up with a less than optimal experience long term.

When installing the swing gate, it is VITAL that you pack the bearings and install all the components in the correct order.  If not, it is possible that these parts will fail.  One of the challenges I had was ensuring that the tailgate rear plate aligned with the swing gate adjustable heim joints.  Once we were able to work through a few adjustments of those heim joints we were able to successfully get the swing gate tight and lag free with the 35″ tires on the mount.

Overall, the DV8 Offroad RS-2 Rear Bumper w/ tire carrier is a great solution to those that would like a single action opening of their tailgate with an aftermarket bumper.  DV8 Offroad understand the needs of the Jeep community and is delivering products that meet those needs.

  • 3/16″ and 1/4″ cold rolled steel.
  • .120 wall tubing, high degree angles and raised corners.
  • Solid D-ring mounts w/ rings included.
  • Textured black powder-coating.
  • Single-Action rear bumper w/ tire carrier.
  • Twin tapered bearings and attaches to tail gate for easy one-handed operation.
  • For 2007 – 2016 Jeep Wrangler all models.