After running the JeeperMan Rear bumper with carrier for many years, it was time for a change. I had heard some great things from DV8 Off-road, and I opted to go with the DV8-OffRoad RS-9 full length rear bumper.  First initial impression was very good. Customer service was great, shipped out quickly and answered any questions immediately.

This was an easy install and looked great with the full fenders and the body lines. All parts felt quality and bolted up in a snap.

The RS-9 added to my exit angles which was very good for my general off road adventures. After nearly ripping off the old bumper and destroying the factory bumper early on, I was very pleased with the corners and flare DV8 designed this with while maintaining the full width. Coupled with the solid attachments and design of the anchor shackle attachments, I was pleased with the bumper for all my foreseeable needs.

I’ve completed a great deal of off road adventures on some challenging trails, as well as a few “rescue” missions, and I put this bumper through the paces. My takeaway is that this is a very solid and functional bumper.


However, I noticed a few things that made me question this particular product for my build.

The RS-9 rear bumper has no adjustments for height where it bolts up. This is good to maximize the exit angle, however, with opting early in my jeep life to add a suspension lift AND a body lift, this choice creates a noticeable gap between bumper and body. I have thought of many options for this but haven’t settled on a solution. Even calling the guys at DV8 provided a solution to fix it/adjust it. Time will tell how I go with it.

The receiver hitch is not very conducive to actually using it for pulling a trailer. This rig is my daily driver and hauls a small trailer from time to time. The tube for the hitch is a little loose for the standard sized receiver and I had to sample 4 different pins to be able to fit within the bumper and secure. Very sloppy, albeit solid, pulling a trailer.

All in all, I feel the DV8 Off-road RS-9 rear bumper is a product that worth the money for the right person. For a stock or “suspension only” lifted jeep this creates a great look for those that will rock the factory tire carrier or a body mount tire carrier. It preforms well with protecting body as well as taking the punishment of really using the shackles for those buddies that need assistance climbing out or for those moments that draw you in a little over your head. Skip this model if you have a body lift or use that trailer hitch…for trailers.


DV8 has the right idea but this one may be a little more specialized in the design. Off-road application is great, overall function is lacking.