Are you a Jeep owner looking to modify your new toy? If so, we have some valuable reviews, tips and information to help you tackle very first MOD, last MOD and everything in between.

Will an aftermarket heavy duty front bumper cause my Jeep’s air bags not to work anymore?
No, the accelerometer sensors that trigger your air bags are located in the center of your Jeep and NOT in your front bumper. Installing an aftermarket heavy duty front bumper will not prevent your air bags from deploying.

What is a ‘BL’ or body lift?
A BL or body lift is a series of small round pucks made out of aluminum or polyurethane, are typically 1″ tall and are designed to stacked on top of your factory rubber mounts separating the tub or body of your Jeep from the frame. Installing a body lift is the cheapest way to gain an additional inch of fender clearance and will allow you to install slightly bigger tires but it will not change or improve the characteristics of your suspension at all.

What is ‘death wobble’?
Not to be confused with a really ‘bad shimmy’ in the steering wheel (common problem with tires that aren’t balanced well), death wobble is a violent, uncontrollable shaking of your entire Jeep that typically can only be brought under control by bringing your Jeep to a stop. Death wobble is typically triggered after hitting a bump in the road, a pot hole or going over rough surfaces like rail road tracks.

What are common causes of ‘death wobble’?
Death wobble is caused by worn out or loose suspension and/or steering components such as lose track bar bolts, worn out bushings, a failing track bar mount and even bad ball joints. Things like unbalanced tires or a toe-in setting that is off can ‘instigate’ death wobble but, for the most part, you death wobble will only occur if there is something wrong with your front track bar or ball joints. A steering stabilizer that is bad WILL NOT cause death wobble nor would the installation of a heavy duty unit fix it. At best, a steering stabilizer will mask or hide your real problem.

How can I correct my speedo for bigger tires?
Your dealership can calibrate your JK’s speedometer up to a 32″ tire. If you have larger than 32″ tires, I have successfully used a Pro Comp ACCU Pro to calibrate my JK’s speedometer to accurately read the 35″ tires and 5.13 gears that I am currently running.

What gear ratio should I be running with 35″ tires?
In order to bring your Jeep’s performance back to stock, you will need to run 4.88 gears with 35″ tires. However, if you are looking for a little extra power, you should consider getting 5.13’s. This is especially desirable if you have an automatic transmission.

On the trail, how much should I air my tires down to?
Typically, I recommend that people air the tires down to about 10~15 psi.

What are wheel spacers?
Wheel spacers are rings measuring 1.25″~1.5″ thick, are typically made out of billet aluminum and are designed to be sandwiched in between your Jeep’s axles and wheels. By installing wheel spacers, you will effectively reduce the amount of back spacing your wheels have allowing you to install wider than stock tires without having to replace your factory wheels.

What size lift do I need to get in order to fit 33″ Tires?
You can run 33″ tires at stock height but but, a 1″ body lift or a set of 1″ coil spacers will help prevent any rubbing issues when articulating. A 2″ budget boost would provide a much better fit.

*Thanks to WayaLife.com for assisting in the questions and answers.