Bumpers are one of those modifications that can completely transform your Jeep, and I have continued to search for the “one” bumper that can make that statement when you first see it.  Flog Industries in my opinion has created such a bumper.  The Flog Industries JKU Front Bumper is a head turning, elegantly streamlined, and crafted with precision and strength.

However, to understand this epic steel wonder it is important to understand it is carefully forged out of 1/8″ thick carbon steel with 1/4″ thick mounting and reinforcement brackets.  The joints are welded like an artist paints a masterpiece and comes with a well-crafted winch box. All of this is shipped fully secured in a wooden crate that is by far the most carefully crafted delivery I’ve ever received.

The install like many bumpers is straightforward and only takes 4 bolts to secure.  The difference with the Flog Industries JKU Front Bumper is that to install the winch box with the bumper you must cut the canister mount and attach to the winch box.  This isn’t the easiest of tasks, but with the right tools it can be done without to much trouble.  A key takeaway is that I recommend installing the light bar before installing the bumper.  This makes it easier to ensure you can tighten the light brackets as well as the positioning of the light bar angle. Once those key areas are checked off the bolts and install is quick.

Sadly, I have installed 4 different bumpers onto Project JKU over as many years, and without a doubt Flog Industries has crafted a bumper that is neck breaking, quality built (MADE IN USA), and hold true to the details that matter.  To have the opportunity to showcase this bumper on my build was an exciting moment in time.  The reality of running it is truly second to none!


Flog Industries is a company based out of Southern Utah that specializes in aftermarket products for the commercial, automotive, and recreation industries. The brand Flog was born from a passion of off-road and quality combined.

Our designs are born from a handful of ideas that are based on our passion for products that speak quality and creativity above all else. Each of our products start from an idea that is first carefully drawn and developed by our design team, once we have the product idea fleshed out our shop team then takes that idea and brings it to life using high quality materials and hardware. once the final product is complete, it is shipped off to one of our amazing customers.

No matter the circumstances our team is dedicated to quality in all that we do, from our masterpiece bumpers to the shipping crates, we do our best to be the best! We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products!