Getting the call that your package has arrived is like Christmas morning no matter the time of the year.  So, when I received that call about our new Flog Industries RearGuard bumper arriving, needless to say I was excited.  Let me start by saying that I’ve NEVER seen a more professional packaging of bumpers in the time I’ve been doing this.  I have been fortunate enough to have installed, tested and reviewed 4 different brands and types of bumpers and HANDS DOWN Flog Industries the BEST!!!!

The bumpers (both front and rear) came packaged in crates, nicely stacked and secure.  They were protected and had no chance of damage with the precision and care that was thought out regarding the shipping process.  As you can see below, the crates are solid, well represented and unless hit by a forklift the bumpers are protected.

Flog Industries Bumper Packaging

The install of the Flog Industries RearGuard bumper was fairly straight forward.  We removed our current DV8 Off-Road RS-2 Bumper and proceeded to place and tighten down the new Flog Industries bumper.  The install can be done with 1 person, but is easily and will go much smoother with at least 1 other person helping.  The alignment on the holes to attach to the frame were mostly on target.  We did have to maneuver the bumper while screwing in 1 bolt, then move the other side and so on until all bolts were started.  Then tighten and you are good to go.  Generally, it took about 2 hours from the point of uninstalling the current rear bumper to finishing the install of Project JKU’s new Flog Industries rear bumper.

Flog Industries Rear Bumper Installed

Overall, the Flog Industries rear bumper offers a completely different look than what I had been running on Project JKU.  That being said, the quality of the bumper is amazing.  Its heavy, solid steel, and while I had it finished and power-coated by Flog Industries it is shiny and eye-catching.

I believe in the craftsmanship and detail-oriented nature of what Flog Industries is producing.  Their product is honestly second to no one.  If you are looking for a classic design, durable solid steel bumper and a product that is forged and finished in AMERICA then Flog Industries is the brand for you.

Buy Flog Industries Rear Bumper

I will be installing the Flog Industries Jeep Wrangler JK (2007-2017) LightGuard Front Stubby Bumper shortly, so please stay tuned for that review.


Flog Industries is a company based out of Southern Utah that specializes in aftermarket products for the commercial, automotive, and recreation industries. The brand Flog was born from a passion of off-road and quality combined.

Our designs are born from a handful of ideas that are based on our passion for products that speak quality and creativity above all else. Each of our products start from an idea that is first carefully drawn and developed by our design team, once we have the product idea fleshed out our shop team then takes that idea and brings it to life using high quality materials and hardware. once the final product is complete, it is shipped off to one of our amazing customers.

No matter the circumstances our team is dedicated to quality in all that we do, from our masterpiece bumpers to the shipping crates, we do our best to be the best! We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products!