These shocks came packaged as a pair. I bought only the fronts for the time being to replace some blown shocks from another company. They came boxed in a very thick oversized box with expanding foam wrapping and plastic bags. The upper stem is welded to the shock body, and King uses two different thickness polyurethane bushings, with a steel sleeve and polyurethane sleeve over the stem, with a washer and machined cap on the top end with a nylon locking nut. Shaft uses a rod end for its mounting. This design allows rotational movement of the shock and shaft to prevent binding. Installation was very straight forward with the provided step by step instructions. Shocks are very well made, and clearly a step above the average shock. Ride on road is literally like a Cadillac. You do not feel road imperfections. The King shocks soak them up and return to ride height with no drama, and complete control the entire tire. Control is the biggest word I can use for them, and no more body lean in turns. I left my sway bar disconnected in the front, and didn’t even realize I had done so due to the control these shocks provide. Even at highway speed, I had no sway, no lean, no understeer, just firm planted control. Offroad, the shocks soak up the biggest bumps and whoops with no drama, no bottoming out, no wheezing trying to keep up. These shocks are definitely worth the money.


I did not like that it’s difficult to know that you have fully tightened the nut on the stem. Due to the rotation of the body with the sleeves, you don’t feel like you’ve tightened the nut enough, but you have. Remember to use a spray lubricant like WD-40 on the rod end of the shaft to keep it moving freely. Get someone to help with the final tightening of the top nut while you hold the shock body with both hands to ensure you’re tight enough.