The Rhino-Rack Backbone System Pioneer Platform arrived just like any other delivery, but what was different was the amount of boxes that arrived.  Complete setup was boxed nicely in 4 boxes that actually included a surprise item.  As you can see from the boxes below, they boxes were manageable yet heavy.

After unloading and accounting for all the pieces, it was time to put this beautiful MOD together and start utilizing the “second-to-none” rack.  The rack I received as you can see from the boxes is unassembled.  You can have it ordered and delivered where the platform itself is assembled.  The cost of that in my opinion is not worth it.  The platform assembly is straight-forward and only took about an hour.


Once the platform was assembled it was time to start placing the brackets and attaching to the hardtop.  This was a consideration for the type of rack that we were interested in.  Many of the racks out there sat higher and didn’t provide the same square footage.  If they did provide the space it was a exo-skeleton roof rack that was attached to the front pillars and under the rear bumpers.

Because we had to drill and attach to the hard top, it is best to remove the hardtop and place on some sawhorses or on the garage floor/driveway with a blanket underneath to avoid any unnecessary damage to the top.  After removing, measure multiple times and utilize the hole template that is provided with the rack.  By utilizing a step-down drill bit, you can drill into your hardtop to exact sizing and placement.  I used a sharpie pen to mark my holes before drilling.

Ideally, the install process onto the hard top is easy with the help of another person, but certainly doable on your own.  The backbone brackets align nicely with the inside of the hardtop screw locations for attaching to the body of the Jeep.  Once installed and all parts tightened I reinstalled the hardtop to Project JKU and we were off and running.

Rhino-Rack built a streamlined roof rack that matches its look with quality construction and offers a ton of accessories.  We have a hi-jack bracket, shovel bracket (for our KrazyBeaver Mud Shovel) and led light bar brackets which we are preparing for our 50″ Rigid Industries Radiance light bar.

Overall, RhinoRack is not cutting corners in their manufacturing of the Pioneer Platform Rack with Backbone System.  It is without a doubt second to none!  Our goal is to continue to build upon the rack with a rooftop tent and when not camping install our outdoor toys for the many adventures we will be taking.




  • Stylish and aerodynamically designed to minimise wind drag and noise on the road
  • Non corrosive so it won’t rust or fade
  • Made from strong and durable materials and allows you maximum carrying capacity
  • Bars included with the Pioneer Platform
  • Compatible with many Rhino-Rack accessories
  • Additional rail kits are available


  • # Of Planks – 5
  • Cross Bars Inc – Included
  • External Dimensions
    • Length – 72
    • Width – 56
    • Height – 1.5
  • Warranty – 5 Years
  • Load Rating – 264 lb