Although we get excited about a lot of the MODs we receive and prepare to install on our build, it is the ones that provide piece of mind that mean a great deal.  The InfiniteRule Security Locking Pins are one of those MODs that definitely brings excitement.  These InfiniteRule Security Locking Pins are amazing and just what every Jeeper needs to secure their investments.

There are a few good options out there, but these InfiniteRule Security Locking Pins are the best on the market in our opinion.  The quality craftsmanship, easily installed,  single key locking for multiple pins, and most importantly made in the U.S.A.  For us this was where we were sold on this product.  We have 5 locking pins (3 different sizes), and all of them were keyed the same.  That means you don’t have to carry a bunch of keys to unlock your pins!

Now, I will provide a small bit of critical feedback, which is that I wish the pins were more flush with the Monster Hook Swivels or d-rings that we have.  I’m a big believer of a quality install should not only function, but look good.  These definitely function at the highest, but there is more of the locking pin exposed than I would prefer.

That being said, it definitely doesn’t change my recommendation that these should be on EVERYONE’S mod list of must buy.  Consider them a great stocking stuffer for yourself or the other Jeeper in your life.

Product Specs

Protect it with a heavy-duty-locking pin built to do just that. Featuring the company’s patent-pending design, the locking pin combines durability, functionality, good looks and peace-of-mind security.

  • Heavy-duty, machined steel construction, nickel plated
  • 15,000-lb. rating
  • 3:1 safety factor, ultimate failure 45,000 lbs.
  • Sleek internal key design
  • Made in the U.S.A.