The SELO 7″ LED Headlights with Halo Angel Eye Ring Lights were packaged well, with protective foam and sheeting. Install was easy with instructions provided, and I recommend using male/female butt connectors as opposed to the twist connectors for the turn signal halos. The lights have a very distinct rectangular box cut off for low, and a slightly wider cut off for bright. This looks odd on a wall, but when in real life usage, the lights have one big large umbrella shape from shoulder to shoulder, hood to approx 40 feet out is a bright white scene.

The bright lights give you a horizontal rectangle projected directly in front of you to brighten the scene, and extend the view further forward, not just add light above the horizon. The anti-flicker harnesses are well built. The white halo is very bright, and orange turn halo can easily be seen day or night. Much better lighting than other similar lights I have used.


Unfortunately, I did not like the aluminum connectors used in the kit, and smaller gauge wiring. I would have liked a step higher gauge, and better fitting/made connectors on the pre-crimped wiring. I would recommend using the male to female butt connectors for the turn signal splice, as well as splice higher up on the wiring harness away from the signal plug to better hide the wiring.
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