The Rugged Ridge LED Brake Light is one of those MODs that you don’t see everyday, but definitely provides an additional style and function.  Since we are running larger tires and a DV8 Off-road rear bumper with tire carrier we had to remove our OEM auxiliary brake light.  The brake light is made out of heavy duty plastic that has shown no wear and tear yet and I don’t expect to see any time soon.


The install of this brake light was extremely straight-forward.  After removing the rear tire, I fed the wiring through some protective wiring tubing to ensure the wires were covered.  Afterwards, I fed the wiring through the tailgate holes and connected to the existing brake light wiring. Overall, the install only took around 20 minutes and outside of positioning my spare 35″ tire back up to the carrier can be done with just 1 person.

There are a number of these spare tire brake lights on the market ranging from $20 to $200 depending on brand and function.  I recommend this one based on our testing and install for the price.  You can buy directly off of or even Amazon.