I recently installed the Yitamotor 52in 300 watt LED light bar on my 2007 Jeep JKU Rubicon. I noticed a few things right out of the box. First, no stickers. Second, the mounting brackets looked the same as almost all the other LED Light bar mounts from everyone else. Third, the wire harness had all the correct things to wire this thing up correctly and in a couple different ways if I needed to.

Installation went smooth and easy. Seemed to have all the correct things and looked pretty self-explanatory, which was good as instructions did not exist. No holes to drill or odd mounting configurations made it quick and easy. All mounted up this was solid (yes I pulled and pushed on it). I felt pretty confident that I would be able to use it on my trail adventures and not worry about it moving when a tree limb was not avoided.

Wiring took a few min and only required some basic barrel connectors (water tight of course). Since this included a switch, fuse and relay I could wire it without tapping into my fuse box or finding an open switch spot.

I did have to get a little creative on routing the wiring down the mount, but everyone is going to want to run wiring a different way. Just have a plan, as there likely isn’t a right or wrong way. Performance was pretty great as well. Plenty of lumen output and acts more as a “light up the trail” piece instead of just an accessory that looks cool. The several of the LED bits on each side has a handy flood diffuser (60 degrees) and the bulk of the rest from the center has a spot beam defuse (30 degree). This gives you some side illumination that is great for trails that are not just…straight and yet still maintains that ability to look far ahead. The beam runs at 6000K, so you end up with a good balance of brightness and distance without being all “colorful” and fancy that would take away from actual performance

After putting it through some trail work and night time light looks, I opted to try a couple things that many do no matter if you are a trail junky or just a mall crawler that wants to look cool. The automatic car wash. I took a couple trips through and received the constant warning by the staff that they will not cover aftermarket accessories if damaged. Fortunately, this set up did not move. There was no strain on the mount, the bar did not change orientation and nothing broke at all. There was not leaking or change in illumination. Then I moved on to the highway, getting up about as fast as the JKU likes to go I did not have any vibrations or worries that this would fly off under normal driving conditions. I did hear a light extra wind noise, but I figure there is just nothing out of the ordinary about that.

Driving down the highway, bouncing through the woods or even just “soccer mom car washing” this light bar kit, I don’t have any complaints at all. In summary, Yitamotor did exactly want they needed to do. Sell a cost effective LED bar that will work. It doesn’t have anything special. No curves, wings, crazy mounting structures or even those stickers everyone wants to brag about what brand they are using. They made something that does it’s job. Light up the darkness and not bend or break.

I do indeed recommend this product. Good Job, Yitamotor.